There’s a new Batgirl: Spoiled web series featuring the character of Stephanie Brown (Who used to be Spoiler) as the new Batgirl. It’s based on Bryan Q. Miller’s pretty popular comic run. The plot synopsis:

After a close call leading to a falling out with Batman and Oracle, Batgirl goes out on her own to reexamine her place in Gotham and the world at large. Stephanie spends her days seeking advice from Gotham’s various heros, and her nights patrolling the streets in a seemingly endless battle against crime. All this while attending college, having a social life and finding time to sleep.

First off, this isn’t Shakespeare, Tarantino, or Spielberg so cool your jets when throwing out comments in the comments section. It’s a fan created series and they all can’t be gems. This one definitely has its issues, (Really, when the chief minor thug started monologuing about the oppressed masses and the privileged few, my eyes glazed over. I kept expecting him to start singing the Jefferson’s theme song.) but overall I’d still watch it because I don’t see any other Batgirl material getting done on television, animation, or the big screen.

The beginning wordplay between Batgirl and Oracle was promising and the fight choreography wasn’t bad, but the pace through out the episode seemed to stutter without a big build up to climax the episode.

Check out the episode and let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Batgirl: Spoiled is written by Sax Carr, Zack West, Ray and Beurer with Joey Rassool as Director of Photography and Editor. Original scoring by Regan Remy, Executive Produced by Sax Carr. For more information on the production including additional footage, photos and credits visit the official Twitter page.

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