It was with some anticipation, and admittedly a bit of disappointment, when it was announced earlier this summer that the rights to Daredevil and all associated characters were reverting to Marvel Studios, and away from 20th Century Fox.

Fox’s lease on the rights officially expired on Wednesday October 10, which means that Marvel Studios and Disney can start rolling on their own Daredevil production anytime now. As you’ll recall, Fox attempted to extend the lease on the rights by offering Disney the rights on certain cosmic characters like Galactus, who are usually associated with Fantastic Four, but no agreement was reached.

At the same time, director Joe Carnahan, who was in the midst of putting together a gritty, 70s adaptation of the comic, released a sizzle reel giving an impression of what his Daredevil film might have looked like. No word yet if Marvel’s going to give Carnahan a chance to pitch his take to them, but I’d have a hard time believing that Disney isn’t chomping at the bit to insert Daredevil into the previously established Marvel Cinematic U.

Fox, in the meantime, seems to be doubling-down on the two Marvel properties it has left: X-Men and Fantastic Four, which, I guess, were the most promising given the reaction to the Ben Affleck-starring Daredevil in 2003 and the universally reviled spin-off Elektra in 2005. They recently hired critically-acclaimed comic writer Mark Millar to be a creative consultant on all Fox-made Marvel films.

Look for the rumor mill to start grinding about a new Daredevil movie very soon.

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