The Nerdbastards Con Crew (as we have labeled ourselves thanks to the kind of poorly thought out decisions that rule a sleep deprived mind) began their NYCC Saturday in a magical place called the press lounge. Grunts and wistful memories of more restful times filled the morning conversation. Anne (who got her Nerdbastards deputy star this weekend) recalled her lengthy Saturday schedule while I maintained my “so bitchy I could punch a baby” visage that is brought upon the world by the letter “C”, which stands for coffee, a beverage I do not drink. Soon, Anne was headed on her way to see about a cartoon mouse and I was headed for artist’s alley.

We’ll have more on that and all the amazing stuff we saw in the near future, but for now, take a look at the latest amazing cosplay shots from NYCC 2012:

Pics by: Shelly V.

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