Browncoats the world wide are waiting in great anticipation for the Science Channel‘s upcoming Firefly 10th anniversary special, Browncoats Unite airing on November 11th. What a strange group we Browncoats are, constantly reminding ourselves of the pain of having one’s favorite show cancelled well before its time. Maybe it’s that we take a certain amount of pride in the show’s post-cancellation success? Or maybe we just like torturing ourselves, it could be really be either/or.

Anyway, Entertainment Weekly shared the first look at the anniversary special last week during all the NYCC hubbub. (Psst, did you check out all our rockin’ NYCC coverage? Including the recap of the Firefly Reunion Panel.) Sadly, that clip was un-embeddable so we were unable to share it with all of you. Thank god for YouTubers and their diligence in making all web video simple and easy to share.

Watch the first clip from Browncoats Unite below, and let us know, will you be tuning in November 11th at 10pm when the special airs?

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