I first heard of this new animated feature from DC and Warner Bros. when it was announced at The Dark Knight Returns Part 2 panel at NYCC. It was some of the best news to come from the con! If you’ve ever played a LEGO game, in particular LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes Unite, you know how freakin’ hilarious they are. We’re talking laugh out loud funny when you’re home alone on a Friday night playing LEGO Batman and stuffing your face with Cheetos. Don’t judge.

The trailer for the announced movie tie-in, LEGO Batman The Movie – DC Super Heroes Unite is now available, courtesy of World’s Finest and the kind YouTuber who made it embeddable. Check it out below,

I should have recorded a reaction video when I watched this trailer because you could pinpoint the moment my heart broke. Guys, I’ve already seen this movie! It’s called, LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes Unite – y’know, that game that was already released and played in full by me and many other people. People who’d I figure would be your target audience for such a movie. Maybe I was foolish for expecting something grand and new, and not all the game’s cut scenes strung together with the word “movie” slapped on it.

Sigh. Well. There goes any and all of my excitement for the movie. What do you guys think? Is this just cash grab or will there be genuine interest in watching a story you could have a lot more fun with by playing along?

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