Ah man, aren’t we lucky we don’t live in that reality, eh? Because some world is living in a universe where Ian McKellen did not make the decision to return as Gandalf for Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit. Thankfully, our McKellen is just the swellest guy around and, as he recently told The Hollywood Reporter, simply had to reprise the role because he didn’t want to disappoint the fans.

What a cool dude, right? He went on to explain the reasoning for his initial reluctance,

It was a little like going back to something that wasn’t necessarily going to be particularly challenging. Gandalf is still inside me, as it were, so the business of getting to know a new character — I was sort of going to be robbed of that.

Our hero in all of this is a friend of McKellen’s who asked how he’d explain why he didn’t return, which made him reconsider,

You felt, how many millions of people are waiting for it? They wouldn’t understand if you weren’t as keen as they were.

Whew! Due to our good fortune of existing in this reality, we can go see McKellen in The Hobbit this December. Any other realities, well, guess you’re outta luck.

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