You might have to jog your memory to dredge up what you remember about Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome, that on again off again yo-yo of a  production from the SYFY Channel. You know about the SYFY Channel, that’s where you get all your information about rastlin’ and ghost hunting. The only fiction going on at that channel is that there is some science fiction in there somewhere.

First it was going to be a big movie, then it was gonna be a miniseries, then it was gonna be a web series, then it got body slammed by SYFY executives and disappeared like a ghost fart in the wind. Recently though the official SYFY Twitter account, (Yeah I had that same thought.) hosted a Q&A where they were asked what the chances are that we’ll ever see Blood & Chrome. Craig Engler replied:

Wow, did you feel it?

That warm sensation when someone blows smoke up your ass, so that’s what that feels like.

Really, expecting an answer about a sci-fi show from the channel named SYFY, who’s programming isn’t even comprised of a majority of said content, is like asking Captain Kirk to lay off kissing alien women on away missions. I bet Craig could tell you the exact date and time for the next 5 Wrestle Manias.

What’s the news here? There is none, move along, move along.

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