Kevin Feige Talks Marvel Phase 3(?)


Kevin Feige is talking again. Talking again about the future slate of Marvel projects. But this time, while talking to SFX Magazine, he was looking slightly further afield into the future, specifically the end of Marvel Studios’ Phase 2 plan and the start of Phase 3.

“Almost whatever the heck else is happening is gravy in that franchise, because all I care about is Bruce and Tony, Tony and Steve, Widow and Bruce – and how Thor fits into it, because he’s always the outsider amongst outsiders” Feige says of the Avengers series of films. “So I think that’s where the value lies. And going deeper amongst those characters in those relationships.”

So The Avengers 2 will be going deeper into the characters from the first film and their relationships with one and other, does that mean that we’re not going to get a switch-up in the team line-up? It’s been a topic of conversation between Feige and director Joss Whedon.

“I think it’s not a secret that Joss and I and all of us at Marvel think that part of the fun of Avengers is the rotating team, for sure,” he added with a laughs.

So we can expect some new faces by the time the curtain draws down on Phase 2? That’s not exactly clear, I’m afraid. But on a completely different subject, Feige discussed where Doctor Strange might place in the upcoming slate of Marvel projects, and suggests that the themes of the movies’ various Phases are not as cut and dry as you may think.

“I’m not looking at Phase One as grounded and Phase Two as cosmic and Phase 3 as magic.” he said. “The films are all so eclectic and different from each other that you can’t overarchingly categorize them like that. If and when we enter the magic arena, it will be through Doctor Strange. Sure, obviously. And that’s to me what’s exciting about Doctor Strange.”

So Doctor Strange is still in the mix. Exact details about Marvel’s plans post-Avengers 2 are still nebulous, although the first film after the Avengers sequel will likely be Ant-Man. A Hulk solo movie and future adventures of Iron Man, Captain America and Thor are also on the table.

More news as it develops.

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