Ok, well it’s not really a trailer since it’s more of a sizzle reel for the 5th season of Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer‘s genius infused cartoon The Venture Bros. And scratch that whole ‘first look‘ business too since this footage did premiere last October at New York Comic-Con… Look, do you want to see it or not?

Spoilers obviously await you, such as Hank as a vampire, Hatred’s moobs are out of control and Dr. Jonas Venture, Sr. vs. L Ron Hubbard in a sword fight… yes, you read that right. Season 5 is going to be awesome!

Yes, that was the Monarch as Ming and Dr. Mrs. The Monarch as Amidala. I can not wait for this.

But we have to, for a few more months at least. The show is set to return to [adult swim] at midnight on May 19th after a two year – not counting last October’s Halloween special – hiatus.

via The Venture Blog

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