Marvel Plans $10 Mil. Traveling Live Show


The same folks who are responsible for such live entertainment spectacles as Disney On Ice and Ringling Bros. will soon be bringing Marvel Comics Live to an arena or amphitheatre near you.

Feld Entertainment has partnered with Marvel to produce a live show. The project has apparently been in the works for quite a while, but Marvel had serious concerns about getting it right, concerns no doubt heightened by the publicity nightmare that was Spider Man: Turn Off The Dark. Granted, the web-crawler’s Broadway outing was eventually a success, but the early days of production, and first few shows were an utter train wreck.

Asked about the planned superhero road production, here’s what Joe QuesadaMarvel’s chief creative officer–had to say:

You always have those questions — how are you going to keep it from being goofy, or silly, or unbelievable?

But Marvel seems assured that Feld will do the job right, as Quesada puts it:

“They’re already doing feats that are superhuman to begin with.”

Quesada goes on to admit that Feld’s choreographer is such a huge Marvel fan that she “even geeked him out”. Here are Feld’s thoughts about the collaboration:

There’s so much mythology and lore with all of these characters – it’s like going into this treasure chest of unbelievable gems. There are almost unlimited stories and shows we can create off these properties and characters.

It is not yet confirmed WHICH Marvel story will be the first one explored in Marvel Comics Live, or when tickets will be available. As always, NerdBastards will endeavour to keep you abreast of any developments (no giggling at “abreast”, please–thanks).

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