‘Lost Girl’ Precap – The Ceremony


With the Dawning getting closer, Bo’s preparation reaches a critical phase, but she can’t even catch a good luck cricket blindfolded, so what is an unaligned succubus to do? Take a break, of course. And then Lauren stops by with exciting news, she’s getting a big science award that night after the previously announced recipient was found the author of some dodgy science (as Lauren always knew he would be.) But for Bo it’s not so easy to get away to a fancy awards banquet, especially when Tamsin arrives at the Dal to say “we need to talk.”

At a Dark Fae bar (for a change), Tamsin tells Bo straight-up: her friends are blowing sunshine up her perfectly toned butt telling her she’ll be fine because The Dawning is pretty much the worst thing she’ll ever go through times a thousand. But before that news can truly sink in, one of the Dark Fae patrons starts trouble. Bo notices someone trying to get her attention at the back of the bar, and after a quick brawl, Bo and Tamsin follow him out.

We’re introduced to Balzac, a Spriggan Fae to whom you’re indebted to until you payback their favor, and by indebted we mean you literally can’t get rid of them no matter how hard you try. Bo agrees to help him, and Tamsin, for some reason, decides to tag along. Meanwhile, back at the Dal, Trick and Stella’s first date comes to an end when Bo’s invitation to the Dawning is delivered, not on paper, but in the form of a bizarre device that has to be piloted by Bo’s closest blood relative, meaning Trick.

And Balzac’s favor? Bo has to help him free a young Fae named Hannah from the Dark Fae encampment Brazenwood, and return her to the Demetrius School for Higher Learning, a special school for Fae (like the X-Men?). The scavenger hunt includes a meeting with a man named Mr Fang to get a fortune cookie, which is then read to a Tarot card reader in order to get a prescription, and that’s before Bo and Tamsin even step foot in Brazenwood, a place that operates according to its own rules (naturally).

Once in Brazenwood, Bo and Tamsin are able to find Hannah, a type of Fae known as a Squonk, whose tears make for a very potent and expensive drug. But when Bo and Tamsin find her and free her, the fae that’s holding her prisoner draws Bo into a game of quick draw, Brazenwood’s sheriff and his six shooter and Bo and her knife. Bo manages to overcome the sheriff’s ability to duplicate himself by killing the sheriff before he could sneak up and kill her from behind. The mission successful, Trick and Stella share a kiss at the Dal, which makes Bo and Tamsin share a kiss in the field.

When Bo returns to the Dal she discovers that yes, she has successfully completed her mission to get the invitation to The Dawning, and there was a delightful explosion of streamers, confetti and noise from the invitation itself to prove it. Even Tamsin has reason to celebrate and let’s herself experience a rare smile, but outside the Dal she finds a Tarot card, The Wanderer, the same card that caused so much discomfort when it was drawn at Brazenwood. “Please tell me she’s not the one,” Tamsin says regretfully.

Uh-oh. I guess The Dawning is not the end of Bo’s problems. But it is her problem this week, so let’s get into the precap.

1) What the…? – The episode kicks off with happy news. Bo and Dyson are living together in a beautiful and exquisitely lit home somewhere, and Bo announces that she’s pregnant. Whoa, say what?

2) Case of the Week – As you may have guessed, this could be a part of Bo’s Dawning ritual. Our succubus heroine does indeed enter the temple this week to face the challenges of The Dawning. We’ll tread carefully this week because what happens in The Dawning is spoiler-filled. But if you’ve seen “Restless,” the season four finale of Buffy, you might have some idea as to what to expect.

3) How Stella Stomped on Your Groove – Bo’s teacher in the ways of The Dawning seems to go off the deep end this week. First, she insists that Bo feed on a “model buffet” of nubile humans to power up for The Dawning, but Bo refuses to feed on and kill innocents. Later, Stella tells Kenzi what happens to human companions of Fae once their “owners” die. Let’s just say Stella does not have a friend in Kenzi.

4) What’s Everyone Else Up To? – Trick and Bo have a nice moment together before The Dawning, Lauren comes to support Bo despite last week’s social mishap, and Dyson makes an unusual request on Bo’s behalf. Tamsin also appears at one point during the episode.

5) Secrets Revealed – Let’s just say Dyson’s ballpark age isn’t the only thing Bo learns this week.

6) Who’s That Guy? – When Bo enters the temple, we meet The Caretaker, who is played by Canadian actor Ron Lea. Recognize him? You should. He’s guest starred on a number of Canadian shot genre series like Supernatural, Smallville and  Mutant X, as well as having appeared in films like Punisher: War Zone and Saw IV.

7) Name That Tune – A certain Dion song makes a rather ominous appearance, and you can probably guess what that is if you saw last week’s epsiode. Here’s a hint: it’s been covered by The Beach Boys, Bruce Springsteen, and Mel Gibson.

8) Burning Questions – “Is that brand name liquor?” “The Dawning couldn’t have sprung for a different bar?” “Is this some kind of suicide mission?” “When are you going to learn to play by the rules?”

9) How Does It End? – “Not him.”

NEXT WEEK: A Fae serial killer, hints of Tamsin’s past, and Linda Hamilton?! Yes, that Linda Hamilton.

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