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In a world of remakes, most of them terribly bad, there are still some things that are best left alone.  In my opinion, the classic John Carpenter flick Escape From New York is one of those.  But Hollywood has no sense of the sacred and, lo-and-behold, it looks like we may see a new flick, minus one Kurt Russell, coming to theaters in the future.

It’s been in the works for a while, though only existed as a rumor for the most part.  Now the project is getting some more steam as Joel Silver, via a collaborative between his Silver Pictures and Studio Canal, pushes forward.  And he doesn’t just plan on doing one film, but a whole trilogy in the world of “Escape From…”  The first of these films will supposedly be a prequel, but there’s no word on whether they’ll then remake the original as the second film or try to go in some other direction.

Silver says he plans on looking at the property in a more realistic light, creating a version of Escape From New York that would address a real-life scenario about what would happen should a prison be made of the island of Manhattan.  Actors are being looked at to replace Russell in the iconic Snake Plissken role, though it’s been a while since the project was last taken seriously and so there’s no word on what’s happening there.

I have only these words for Silver and his band of cronies – the creation of Escape From L.A. was bad enough for fans, do you really need to bring us even more pain?  Can we please just let this one die?


Thanks to Screenrant for the heads-up.

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