Ryan Reynolds and Emma Stone are making the press publicity rounds for their part in the upcoming animated comedy The Croods. You can skip all that crap in the video and get to the good stuff at the 4:18 mark.

Reynolds is asked about the status of the R rated Deadpool movie and says:

“The studio, I think is reluctant to pull the trigger on such a hard Rated-R script. Then the guys who wrote it and the producers won’t make it unless it’s that hard and, you know, raunchy.”

Emma Stone had this to say about The Amazing Spider-Man 2 script:

“The script is really great, I think it’s going to be really great, I’m really excited. It’s been really fun so far.”

It’s surprising to me, that is surprising to me, that FOX Studios is reluctant to make an R rated superhero movie when you look at the success of many of the cable television series (Game of Thrones, Spartacus) that would certainly get an R rating if put on the big screen. Deadpool has a huge fan base. It’s a lock that anything Deadpool funny that NerdBastards posts on Facebook will get tons of likes and shares.

I get the feeling that the executives continue to base their decision on the basis of past R rated super hero movies without looking at the current trends on television that buck that belief.

What do you think?

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