Last week Entertainment Weekly was all about Game of Thrones, this week it’s all Doctor Who. Huh? It’s almost as if both shows are returning sometime soon. This week’s issue has two exclusive covers, the one, above, featuring The Doctor and new companion, Clara, the second, below, shows off the new Cybermen designs from this season.


In addition to the covers, EW is celebrating 50 years of Doctor Who with an issue that is, “bigger on the inside.” Haha, EW, never heard that before. It’ll feature,

our Doctor Who cover story we visited the show on location in Wales, grilled executive producer Steven Moffat about the upcoming episodes and the 50th anniversary special, which is being broadcast this fall, and luncheoned in Manhattan with [Matt] Smith. In our Who package you’ll also find a breakdown of all 11 Doctors and, perhaps best of all, an essay by Peter Jackson in which the Lord of the Rings director recounts his Who-love and announces his price for directing an episode.

Sounds like a lot of good stuff, particular the piece from Jackson, considering how many rumors were circulating about him possibly directing an episode of Who. As always, in addition to their print magazine EW will be releasing a bunch of exclusives online, so stay tuned!

And, y’know, speaking of the new companion, Clara, played by Jenna-Louise Coleman, she isn’t exactly new-new. We’ve met her twice already, once as the Souffle Girl turned Dalek and again as a 19th century governess. Both times she’s died and has now become this “impossible girl.”

Who producer, Marcus Wilson, recently spoke with TV & Satellite Week, as reported by Doctor Who TV, where he challenged fans to unravel the mystery of Clara, the impossible girl,

What’s lovely this year is that we’ve also got a thread running through these eight very different, very exciting stories – the mystery of Clara.

She’s the impossible girl. The Doctor has met her twice before and both times she died. This time he’s determined to keep her alive and to discover who or what she really is.

It’s a riddle that won’t easily be cracked. I defy anybody to guess it. Steven Moffat has found a way to lead everybody down the garden path and then knock them over with surprise at the end.

Well, he sure as hell weaved an “interesting” story with River Song, even if I’m still not sure I fully understand that mess. Think Moffat can pull of the same with Clara? Guess we’ll find out when Doctor Who returns Saturday, March 30th!

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