Any day now we’re expecting the first teaser trailer for James Mangold‘s The Wolverine to drop, but if you want to get a taste of what we’ll see sooner a detailed trailer description has popped up. Apparently, a guest on The Schmoes Know radio show had an early look at the trailer and offered up the details. You can give a listen here, trailer description begins around the 1:24 mark.

If you’d rather just read a pretty concise summary of the description, hit the jump.

Funky Japanese girl carrying samurai sword finds Wolverine. He’s got long hair, beard and looks very transient. She says, “Nice to meet you “Wolverine”. He says, “I’m not that man anymore.” They get on a private jet and fly to Japan.He meets an elderly Japanese man who is lying in very modern medical bed. He tells “Logan” (clearly he knows him) he wants to thank him for the life he saved.

Flash back to POW camp, we see Logan shield a man from a plume of fire from a massive explosion. The Japanese man offers to give him his life back.

There are several action sequences, one where Logan fights a ninja and the ninja slices him with two swords. We see Logan grin as all the wounds heal immediately an he goes berserk on the ninja. Logan tells the old man that he can’t be fixed, the old man says dont be so sure.

More action sequences, one on top of a high speed train a la mission impossible. We see Logan and the funk Japanese girl and her men attacked and Logan is wounded. He says, I’m not healing any longer. Cut to distorted image of him looking in mirror, he says, “What’s happening to me.”

That sounds pretty damn exciting to me! My source also told me that the tone is dark and gritty and the CGI isn’t noticeable like that shit show Origins.

Sounds kick-ass to me! I’m excited for the fighting in this flick as I’m expecting it to be top notch. And hooray for no more abysmal CGI! There should only ever be CGI when Wolverine’s claws come out, otherwise, practical effects.

And, “that shit show Origins.” Perfect, hilarious, and sadly, so true.

The Wolverine releases July 26th!

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