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So this is not a Merlin recap. Sorry if you clicked on this expecting a recap of the latest episode.

While traversing the information super-highways this week, I happened upon the Sy-Fy website. Now this important because I watch Merlin on the Canadian channel Space owing to the fact I live in Canada, and Merlin has aired continuously since bowing in January. But what I didn’t know is that Sy-Fy is holding on to the finally five Merlin episodes until May, so while I’ve been merrily continuing on spoiler-filled recaps for the past three weeks, I was blissfully unaware that our American friends had not yet seen the episodes.

So for the benefit of all fans, I’ve decided to wait until Sy-Fy airs “Diamond of the Day” Parts 1 and 2 before recapping them. Now the episodes themselves have been in the internet ether since season 5 of Merlin debit last fall on the BBC, so if you want to find out how Merlin ends badly enough, it’s not going to be that hard for you, these are the times we live and I get it. But since I think the purpose of a recap is meant for the enjoyment of all who’ve seen a given episode, and since there are still many who insist on sitting in front of their TV to catch that new episode on the day and time it premieres, it seems to me better to wait till all fans have been able to see the show to recap.

So see in May Merlin fans for the series epic conclusion. Will Merlin’s secret be revealed to all? Will Morgana and Mordred have their revenge? Will destiny be met or defeated? See you in a few weeks for the answers.

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