We’ve seen a lot of sides from Rick Grimes over the past three seasons of The Walking Dead, mostly his “things and stuff” face, but in between that we had a show. With Robert Kirkman and company working their way into Season 4 of the AMC series everyone is looking to step up their game and shock viewers in new ways.

So why not release a promotional image of Andrew Lincoln and a walker to peek our interest? It’s a start, kind of.

Take your first full look at the image below.


From the looks of things not a lot of time has passed since the events at the end of Season 3, showing Rick in a much calmer state than we last saw him. He doesn’t quite have that look of someone about to answer a phone call anymore, so his mental stability could be a bit more solid this season. With the people of Woodbury now joining the survivors in the prison the problem isn’t the undead anymore.

Speaking of which, just look at the shot. Rick isn’t even dealing with the walker stalking behind him, something that even as early as last season would not happen in The Walking Dead and could be an indication that the undead are nothing more than a walking irritation.Though seeing as it’ll be a waste to use a bullet on the walker when the Governor and his army, or lack there of, are still in the wind maybe we’re seeing a change in tactics. With six months on the calendar until we see our first new episode there’s plenty of time to speculate and theorize.

The Walking Dead will return to AMC this October.

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