With the excitement surrounding Guillermo Del Toro’s Pacific Rim, I wonder if anyone cares about the Godzilla remake that’s in the works? I know that Legendary Entertainment surely doesn’t want us forgetting about the original Kaiju. The studio has just released a new set video from the film featuring director Garth Edwards giving us a little update.

Godzilla comes out on May 16th, 2014. That’s a year from now. The update from Garth was intended to mark the occasion, but I think all the buzz surrounding PAC RIM is what provoked this.

Speaking of the Godzilla Vs Pacific Rim debate – Guillermo del Toro was recently asked at the Hero Complex Film Festival what he felt about this remake since there’s a giant monster comparison with Pacific Rim. He expressed that he is very excited and that he’s looking forward to seeing what Edwards does with it.

Considering how bad the last Godzilla flick was (the one with Matthew Broderick), the jury’s out on whether or not the remake will atone for it’s predecessors sins. If anything, the update from Garth reminds us that a movie is being made and that the people behind it are excited/enthusiastic. Here’s hoping it can live up to expectations.

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