I’ll admit, I didn’t catch “Pac-Rim Fever” (If no one else has thought of that, I’ll be utterly amazed) until recently when I saw the theatrical trailer right here on NerdBastards: The “one-two” punch of Roland Emmerich and Michael Bay had me incredibly distrustful of anything inspired by Kaiju or Mecha that wasn’t made in Japan….

I happily admit that I have dispensed with all reservations regarding Pacific Rim: Guillermo del Toro appears to have created the next great sci-fi masterpiece here…a work on the level of Star Wars and easily surpassing Avatar.

Below is the first TV spot, and while not as long or detailed as the theatrical trailer (naturally), it packs quite a bit into 33 seconds, including some never before seen footage–observe:

Pacific Rim hits theatres this summer–on July 12.






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