Most people Ridley Scott’s age are slowing down, but if anything, things for Sir Ridley seem to be speeding up. Currently in post-production on the crime thriller The Counselor starring Brad Pitt and Michael Fassbender, Scott now has a release date for his next film, and seems to be discussing some casting news for the one after that.

First up is Exodus, Scott’s take on the Biblical saga of Moses. Twentieth Century Fox has set December 12, 2014 as the day when Scott will part the red tape and deliver his long in the works Old Testament effort, which will put it directly in the path of the previously announced third Hobbit film There and Back Again, and Brad Bird’s next film Tomorrowland, which are opening on the same date. In the meantime, Scott will have to contend with casting. Christian Bale was once rumored to be taking up Moses’ cloak and staff, but it seems a burning bush may have talked him out of it. There is a script courtesy of Adam Cooper, Bill Collage and Steve Zaillian, so perhaps starting production soon for a release a year and a half out isn’t quite as far fetched as it seems.

In other news, a site called Prometheus 2 Movie News (subtle) is saying that Scott has met “many times” with Rik Barnett (Rebels Without a Clue) about a role in Prometheus 2, the sequel to last year’s ambitious though disappointing pseudo-Alien prequel. The site says it’s a key role, possibly connected to Noomi Rapace’s Shaw, but all this is merely rumor. It could be a sign though that Fox is lining up Scott to make Prometheus 2 after Exodus, which would fit the standard three-year window between sequels for a 2015 release date for Prometheus 2.

We’ll have more news on both projects as it develops, but I think it’s safe to say we’re not going to see that Blade Runner 2 project anytime soon.

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