And Now for the Xbox One Reveal, Abridged


Yesterday we were all blown away by the amazing reveal of Microsoft‘s next-gen console, Xbox One. No, wait, sorry, that’s what I imagined would happen, while in fact we were unbelievably underwhelmed. If you haven’t already, do read Jason Tabrys’ breakdown of the Xbox One reveal and how it single-handedly dashed all our hopes and dreams the next generation of consoles weren’t going to suck. Sony, the ball’s in your court.

Hey, speaking of courts and balls and other sport-related things, what was with all the sports talk at this presentation? And television? Who even watches live TV anymore? Has Microsoft not been introduced to DVRs? On-Demand? Streaming? VideoGamerTV hilariously abridges the Xbox One reveal down to its core components: TV, sports, and the Call of Duty dog. Give it a watch,

DOOOOGGGGSSS! If the Xbox One doesn’t come pre-packaged with the equipment needed to mo-cap your own dog using the Kinect 2.0, I’m setting it on fire.

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