Arrow‘s first season was a surprising success. It not only broke free of Smallville‘s shadow, but proved a “grittier”, more “realistic” and grounded superhero show could prove popular. Greenlit for a second season our thoughts turn to what new heroes and villains we can expect to appear in Starling City. For bad guys, they’re going to need a real strong pick to follow John Barrowman’s Merlyn. And with his son, Tommy, uh, out of commission, I don’t believe we’re going to see a son-succeeds-the-father kind of thing anytime soon. So who’s a likely candidate to be the big bad in Season 2? My money’s on Manu Bennet as Slade Wilson’s better known alter ego, Deathstroke. It’ll be twice as conflicting for Oliver since we’ve seen the two share a past with their time on the island. And with Bennet being promoted to series regular, I think I’ve made a smart bet.

Executive producer, Marc Guggenheim also teased we’ll see not one big bad in Season 2, but rather two, with one fulfilling the sleazy, corporate role of Barrowman’s Well-Dressed Man and another in the more hands-on role. To MTV, Guggenhiem said, “They’ll both be very recognizable names to fans of the comic book. We’re really excited about both of them.” So if Deathstroke’s the “get your hands dirty” villain, who will be brains behind the brawn?

And with more villains, you need more heroes, right? Colton Haynes, the soon to be sidekick of The Hood because, come on, there’s be no more obvious plot line in television history, hinted at a superhero team in Arrow‘s future. Speaking with MTV, Haynes said, “A few of the most important DC characters are going to be coming to Arrow, and quite possibly working in a team together.” Most important DC characters, huh? That immediately makes you think the Trinity, but I can’t imagine they’ll show up in Starling City anytime soon. I’m thinking we’ll see some high profile, non-powered heroes since they’ll tie in better with Arrow‘s premise. Nightwing, maybe? That’d be a neat tie-in to Gotham without actually including Batman, and they’ve sure name-dropped Nightwing’s other stomping grounds, Bludhaven more than once. How about Wildcat? He could feature as not only another hero but maybe a trainer for Oliver. And hell, maybe we’ll finally see Laurel become Black Canary. Were that to happen, I could die happy.

What heroes and villains would you like to see join Arrow next season?

Sources: MTV via Blastr

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