With out question, the two biggest films to look forward to this summer are Man of Steel and Pacific Rim. Both feature awesome ass-kickers defending a world in peril from pissed off aliens, what’s not to look forward to? With another few week to go before each flick is released, some new TV spots have popped up. We got a new one for PAC RIM and 2 for Man of Steel. Each showing off even more action-packed footage, respectively.

Here’s some more greatness from Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim, with a spot titled “Let’s Finish This”:

Pacific Rim comes out July 12th.

Warner Bros. have released a seventh and eighth spot for Man of Steel. The first one lets us see Supes using his famous laser vision (fuckin’ lasers!), and the second sells us on how much of a monster General Zod (the main villain) truly is.

Spot # 7 – new heat vision footage:

Spot #8 – “you’re a monster Zod”:

Man of Steel comes out on June 14th!

Both films are terribly exciting. Which one are you looking forward to most?

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