There were a few rumors floating around yesterday that Thor: The Dark World director Alan Taylor and composer Carter Burwell were feuding with Marvel Studios over something. Not sure what, but perhaps today’s development we’ll shed a little light. Deadline can confirm Burwell is off the project. The Dark World was to be Burwell’s first super hero movie score, his name is even included on the first official poster, see above. Most recently he’s worked on The Blind Side, True Grit, and The Twilight Saga, and make all the cracks you want about those Twilight flicks being shitty movies – they are – but the music was stellar.

Marvel is citing creative differences as the reason for Burwell’s departure, with a studio insider adding, “They like him but it wasn’t the right project.” Could the tension between Marvel and Burwell be the reason Taylor was up in arms as well? There’s no mention by Deadline about Taylor, so maybe that bit was only rumor.

A new composer is being sought out for the Thor sequel as Burwell goes to work on Bill Condon’s The Fifth Estate and Charlie Kaufman’s Anomalisa. Who would you like to see compose the soundtrack for Thor: The Dark World? Someone new or the return of Thor composer, Patrick Doyle?

Thor: The Dark World will release November 8th, so someone better get composing.

Source: Deadline via CBM

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