Deadpool is obnoxious as they come, but that’s why we love him. I mean, who else can get away with saying the stupidest, off-the-wall, most uncomfortable, WTF things and get away with it? It’s all fun and games when it comes out of the mouth of Wade Wilson, amerite? Now, if he walked into your work looking for a job, would you hire him? Hell fucking no! Dudes a maniac.

To promote his upcoming game from Activision and High Moon Studios, Wade Wilson himself took it upon himself to go up to Marvel Headquarters in New York City and apply for a job! He seems to think he’s qualified. Marvel, however, not so much. Check out the check out this awesome Office-esque videos below.

Man, why can’t more “work” related shows be half this well written and entertaining? No matter what mood I’m in, Deadpool never fails to make me laugh.

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