While most who worried about the fate of their most beloved television shows already learned whether they’d be renewed or not, fans of NBC‘s Hannibal – Fannibals, for those not cruising Tumblr tags – have been waiting, in agony, to learn if the series would be picked up for a second season. Finally, today NBC decided to renew for a second season. And there was much, much rejoicing.

Deadline broke the news only hours ago, with NBC Entertainment president Jennifer Salke commenting,

We’re so proud of Bryan [Fuller]’s vision for a show that is richly textured, psychologically complex, and very compelling. There are many great stories still to be told.

Raise a glass and toast to another season of cannibal cooking lessons, food puns, and Hannibal Lector’s ever growing collection of ridiculous suits only he seems capable of pulling off. Need a fine wine to fill that glass? Movie theater chain, Alamo Drafthouse has prepared something special for the occasion,


Two wines are offered, a red and a white, called Cannibal Chianti and Suit Yourself Pinot Grigio. Bottles are available for purchase, as well as Lector’s Package* – yes, I laughed too – which gets you, “a bottle to rub the lotion on your skin, some fava beans and a recipe from Alamo Drafthouse Chef Trish Eichelberger.”

*Liver not included

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