Learn 8 Useless Dothraki Phrases Here!

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Taking a cue from those fanboys who, for whatever reason, found it necessary to learn languages like Klingon or the stuff that Tolkien made up, the next big invented language appears to be Dothraki from that crazy show the kids are watching, Game of Thrones.  Now you too can become a linguist skilled in the art of Dothraki.  Or at least some of it, and none of it properly useful in Martin’s world.

Instead of trying to learn helpful GoT-related phrases such as “Have you seen my tits lately?” or perhaps “Hey, that’s the wrong hole, you big oaf!”, the folks at Vulture decided to ask Dothraki creator David J. Peterson to translate some pop culture phrases.  Being the swell guy that he is, Peterson indulged them.  Check out the beginnings of a future Dothraki phrasebook below:

May the Force be with you = Athhajar ma yeroon

Live long and prosper = Thiri k’athneakari shari

We are never ever ever getting back together = Kisha nemo vos akemaki vos save vosecchi vosa

I am the one who knocks = Anha vekhikh fin mema

I drink your milkshake = Anha indek lamekh jesho yeri

That’s what she said = Hazi reki ast me

You come at the king, you best not miss = Hash yer jadi khalaan, hash yer jif vo losti

Talk to the hand ’cause the face ain’t listening = Vasteras qorasaan; hatif vo charoo

(and I think my spell check just had a seizure…)

If your Dothraki pronunciation skills don’t happen to be up to par, you can head over to Vulture’s site and listen to some snippets of Peterson saying the phrases with his very own mouth.

And now that we at Nerd Bastards have helped to teach the world something completely useless, we shall sign off for the night.


Thanks to Vulture for their fanboy love.

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