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Above: Based out of Tokyo, artist Mike Wrobel wondered what it would have been like for the cast of Game of Throne to be set in the decade of Nintendo and cocaine, the 1980s. What resulted was a perfect collection of the notable cast who seem to fit quite well into the decade, with Joffrey still trying to be tough and Daenerys now being the “mother of ferrets.” [Neatorama]

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A fresh take on the historic X-Men: Days of Future Past cover by Felipe Massafera. Taking the thirty-two year old cover and deciding it was about time for what we’ll call a fresh coat of paint Felipe got a great contender should Marvel reprint the story arc anytime soon.  [XombieDIRGE]

princess_allura_by_joshburns-d66wi0gJosh Burns took the classic anime Voltron and giving both the heroes and the villains a realistic twist that rivals the most CGI. Someone please take this as a hint to get Voltron off the ground once again, and actually worth watching this time. [Laughing Squid]


Every villain in the classic Disney films has been part of a certain time period, but what if they were all part of the same decade? Artist Katia Oloy has created a series of Disney villains featuring Ursula, Yzma, Captain Hook, Cruella de Vil, and The Evil Queen with fashion upgrade (?) from the 1920s. It’s pretty cool to see everyone outside of their normal comfort zones, but still having their villainous streak in them. [Geek Tyrant]


Speak verily and carry a mighty hammer. Artist Greg Horn has Marvel‘s Thor beating some poor unknown soul into the state of a fine paste, although they probably deserved it. [Comic Art Community]


This trippy little number by koinoi might have you scratching your head as Robert Downy Jr. takes off his, but it’s pretty darn cool. The actor has played Iron Man for years and is the man behind the machine, although he could be a machine under it all. Time to start checking if Robert has oil changes between movies. [Lado-Inverso]


Tank Girl’s gets the ultra-realistic twist at the hand of Daniela Uhlig. [Deviant Art]


Everyone sees Ewoks as adorable creatures, but forget that these fuzzy little teddy bears are actually cold-blooded killers. Thankfully Louie Joyce created this bloody rabid Ewok for us to cower in fear over after years of positive marketing. Have fun sleeping with the lights on kids. [Geek Tyrant]



This Robbertopoli piece may feature the DC comics criminal in a playful moment, but 20 seconds later you’ll be trying to remember what happened while hanging upside down. Sure, it sounds fun if you’re Batman, but you’re not Batman. [Xandur]


Finally! It’s about time Egon Spengler got his moment to shine and boy did he ever with T-Rex Jones cover to Ghostbusters issue 2. Mirroring the iconic poster to Sam Raimi’s Army of Darkness Egon is now the ghost hunting badass he’s always wanted to be, and he even gets the girl! Suck on that proton pack Venkman. [Deviant Art]

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