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Above: Not only is this Maegery Tyrell cosplay just stunning, but what a dead ringer for Natalie Dormer cosplayer Kapalaka makes, eh? At a distance I’d think it was really her! [Fashionably Geek]


Last night’s Game of Thrones was traumatic to say the least. io9’s gathered a collection of the 100+ best reaction tweets, but be warned, MAJOR SPOILERS.


Imagine Hyrule with iPhones and you get text messages like these. And further proof of what a dick Link can be. [Kotaku]


Completely impractical for crime-fighting or world saving, but this Wonder Woman inspired ball gown is no less gorgeous because of it. Photography by Robbins Studios. [Comics Alliance]


Yes, the force is strong with this one. Remember that when you try and pull something you think will be kinky fun on the honeymoon, but she thinks is sick. You know what I’m talking about. [Geekologie]


Travel the ‘verse with your trusty GPS and never stray into Reaver territory again! Want the Serenity on your GPS, download the image created by Browncoat Greg H., and BOOM, you’re ready to fly like a leaf on the wind. [Nerd Approved]


Not sure if you’ve been watching Alisa Stern’s Doctor Who Puppet adventures, but if you haven’t, now’s the time to catch up. In this latest episode the Eleventh Doctor puppet meets the Ninth Doctor puppet! It’s a multi-Doctor story unlike anything we’ll see in the series’ 50th. [Nerd Approved]

This Red Dead Redemption fan film looks to be an almost perfect tribute to the game series. Drawing inspiration from Spaghetti Westerns and violent but terrible 70s cinema, the full film should be available within a month. [Kotaku]

Not that there are a lot of phone booths around anymore, what will cell phones and all, but were they, you could try recreating this awesome montage of dozens of famous phone booth moments. [Geek Tyrant]


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