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For me personally, the upcoming Man of Steel is the movie I’ve been looking forward to more than any other this year.  I’m not a Superman fan by any means, but from the way the trailers are looking, Zack Snyder may have just created something that gives us great action and a deeper story, a seemingly rare combination within the genre.  But I am just one man with an opinion, and shit, I haven’t even seen the thing yet.  But there are those who have…

So what do the exposed have to say about Man of Steel?  Look below to check out some of the word-of-mouth reactions that have been circulating the Internets:

MOS is awesome. 🙂 Best summer movie yet.

I loved MOS. Completely disagreed with people nitpicking “not enough personality.” It’s different: Bigger action, tight, VERY focused story.

Man Of Steel is unlike any Superman film you’ve ever seen. Initial thoughts: Looked amazing, action was stunning, Cavill & cast excellent.

Best film he’s made. I loved his Watchmen, but this is a better fit for his skills. Oh, and there was no slo-mo 🙂

Rusty was great, got a nice opening scene. K-Cost rocked the world weary farm wisdom of Pa Kent like a boss.

as much as I enjoyed Returns, this is an entirely different beast. Returns felt anachronistic somehow. MoS is of this time.

Singer’s film was too tied to Donner’s. This shrugs off any creative shackles and paints with a free brush.

Overall, it’s gloriously flash and fun, bold and hallucinogenic, all the while having a touch of grit, grain and gravity. What it is is seriously geeky, and was probably made to appeal to Superman fans first and foremost. This is because it takes its mythology seriously. It’s a long movie, but it’s never boring. It does return to the greatness of the first two movies.

Do yourself a favor……..go see Man of Steel when it comes out. That’s all I’m saying.

I feel like I won the lottery and can’t talk about winning the lottery.

Well, the most exciting thing to me in that tirade about Snyder getting rid of the slo-mo.  Seriously, that was beginning to annoy me.  Other than that, it looks exactly like what I’m expecting it to be.

Of course, there is a darker side to this story.  Not everyone appeared to like it, as is apparent from the next list of reviews:

There’s a reason why they told us not to tweet about the movie we just saw: IT’S TERRIBLE!!!

Also it definitely fails the Bechdel Test. Seriously can big budget movies create a decent role for a woman? It’s getting pretty ridiculous.

Decide for yourself once Man of Steel comes out, in just over a week, on June 14th.


Thanks to /film for the heads-up.

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