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J.J. Abrams has his fingers in all sorts of iconic pies right now, from Star Trek to Star Wars.  So why not get involved in yet another classic?  This time around, Abrams is set to take on The Twilight Zone, though it is not, as one might first think (and dread), going to be a reboot of the series.

Abrams’ shot at The Twilight Zone will be in completing one of Rod Serling’s already existing projects.  It is, in fact, Serling’s last script, titled ‘The Stop Along the Way’.  This story, which was never made during its time, will be turned into a mini-series courtesy of Bad Robot Productions.  How much Abrams will be involved in production and what the story is actually about are still unknown factors.

What do you out there in Nerd Reader land think?  Can the brains behind Lost bring one of Serling’s works to the small screen and keep it intact?  Or should we let sleeping scripts lie?


Thanks to blastr for the heads-up.

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