I’m a bit behind on Game of Thrones, did anything big happen in the last episode? Kidding. But while fans revel in the awesomeness of the great Red Wedding scene in last week’s episode, a kettle of fish about the portrayal of violence on TV seems to have once again been opened.

Game of Thrones producer Dan Weiss weighed in on the debate via The Hollywood Reporter, and called the network TV approach to violence “sanitized,” and that it’s desensitizing the kids of the America. Here’s what Weiss had to say:

“Violence in the real world is awful to witness. But it’s the sanitized versions of violence on TV that are worse … On network TV, people die in droves in a way that’s clean and easy to watch and fun. It’s more like an old video game… 

Especially with the gore, there’s a line beyond which it starts to work against itself and… looks like The Evil Dead 2 – it becomes a splatterfest.”

He’s got a point. Half the shows on network TV start with a hooker being found in a dumpster, and it’s almost always bloodless. In fact, there was more blood on M*A*S*H then there is on the average episode of CSI. But I digress, where do you Bastards weigh in on this?

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