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Above: With Matt Smith about to bow out of Doctor Who, Zzoha and other artists offer a send off. Featured as part of a Doctor Who Fan book, the above is a trippy adventure between the Doctor and Clara. [Deviant Art]

Hit the jump for Donkey Kong, Carol Marcus and more.


Your princess is in… the belly of Donkey Kong. Jason Edmiston gives us a gritty ending to a video game classic. [Game Freaks]


The Disney short Paperman is just so adorably fun, but what if it featured characters from Iron Man, Venture Bros., Mad Men, and Star Trek? Well you have these fun mash-ups by EadgeArt, featuring Paperman‘s lead characters with a bit of a twist, like Brock Sampson and Molotov Cocktease.  [Geek Tyrant]


The character of Carol Marcus may have received a bit of bad flak for a certain scene in Star Trek Into Darkness, but Des Taylor does her justice with his piece. [Xombie DIRGE]


Fans of Arrow should be very happy that you’re all getting a second season to watch and artist Dan Panosian has been making the DC comic awesome. Taking the powerless superhero and making him look bad ass. [Herochan]


Every hero has an origin story, otherwise we couldn’t relate to how they got their powers. In Ninjabot‘s series “Origin” everyone get’s their story retold in simple, but awesome detailed picture giving comic book fans a look at the beginnings to their favourite heroes. I’d like to see him do one like this for horror villains, that would be so cool. [Geek-Art]


Yes, yes and more yes, this is what Nintendo has been missing from the WiiU, a Wreck-It Ralph/Sega/Capcom/Mario Kart crossover. Fans of the Disney digital animation and artist MasaBowser would love to race the cars of the fictional Sugar Rush alongside the favourites of Sonic and Mario. Strike a deal Nintendo and take my money. [Deviant Art]


We featured one of these sweet Game of Thrones covers a few months back by TeiIku, but we had to it again. John Snow actually looks like a Stark, not some wuss who knows nothing and looks like he’s about to cry every other episode. TeiIku even designed a custom-house logo for the Stark family, how cool is that. [CGHUB]


Just look at Captain Marvel here, If there’s one guy that knows how to bring her to life through paint it has to be Phil Noto. The man has a unique artistic hand that few can match up to. [Comics Alliance]


Even with all the record-breaking talent and almost constant coverage the winter Olympics can be boring, until you let Francesco Francavilla at it. Restyling several Olympic sports with Marvel characters would make the four-year wait well worth it. Although it would be one-sided as to who’s going to win.  [XombieDIRGE]

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