sea-of-supermanSuck it, old record holders (a paltry 437 FYI) ’cause more than 500 Sears employees rallied at the company’s suburban Chicago headquarters to set an all new Guinness World Record for the largest number of people assembled in one place dressed as Superman (because that’s apparently a thing now.)

Today (June 6) 566 Sears employees spent their lunch hour in the courtyard of the company’s Hoffman Estates headquarters with Guinness World Records adjudicator Philip Robertson on hand to make sure they all obeyed the rules. To qualify, each costume had to feature red boots, a blue bodysuit, a yellow belt, the signature Superman “S” and a red cape.

Why did they do this? Well Sears is a promotional partner with Warner Bros. Superman reboot movie, The Man of Steel,  so that may have something to do with. Besides, casual Fridays was getting kinda lame anyway.

Up after the jump is a few Tweets and Vines from the event, plus even an old timey news story for people that still get their news and information from traditional sources. 

FYI: They’re all shouting “This is something super.”




Here they are all together.

Source: Business Insider and ABC Chicago

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