cap vs winter soldier

Captain America: The Winter Soldier is shooting even as I type and as it shoots, so too do the set leaks of pictures and videos hit the Internetz.  This time around, we get a little of both, showing some more of the street brawl between the Captain and his nemesis.  Check it all out after the jump.

First up, a few new photos, featuring the titular Winter Soldier and the Captain.  They stand around, fall down and have a bit of a scuffle.

cap and winter soldier fight

fight 2

cap 1

winter soldier 1

winter soldier 2

winter soldier 3

winter soldier 4

winter soldier 5

winter soldier 6

Next up, two new video clips.  The first shows us a tiny bit of the above-pictured fight and the second is a car chase scene featuring the shot-up vehicle that has already made its rounds on the net.

Well, it’s looking to be action-packed so far, but what else did we expect?  Keep Nerd Bastards in your sights for all your update, picture and video needs.  And check out Captain America: The Winter Soldier when it hits the big screen come April 4th, 2014.


Thanks to GeekTyrant for the heads-up.

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