St. Jude 30th Anniversary Screening Of "The Empire Strikes Back"

Over the weekend Star Wars’ Peter Mayhew was returning from a convention when. while trying to board his flight out of Denver, TSA Security had some issues with his “Light Saber” cane pictured above. Peter was having non of that though and quickly rallied the Twitter-verse of his current situation. Of course Twitter exploded with justified, or unjustified depending on your prospective, support.


Mayhew was quick to point out that the airline he was flying was in no way part of this mix-up. TSA had this to say about the whole incident:

“Because of the unusual weight of the passenger’s cane, a security officer alerted a supervisor. Less than five minutes later, the passenger and cane were cleared to travel Social media played no role in the determination.”

If you go to the TSA website and put “Light Saber” in their “Can I bring my?” question box you get this:


You’ve got to give TSA some props for having a sense of humor about it. From all accounts this was a minor delay and nothing like some of the other horror stories we’ve all heard about strip searches, people with artificial limbs having to remove them to put the limb through the X-Ray machine, or the 2 year old toddler being denied a flight because his name is on a “No-fly” list.

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