In the summer of 1984, a little movie called Gremlins came out and it taught us all about the value of proper pet care, and the hidden dangers of Christmas shopping at curio shops run by racial stereotypes. But mostly it taught us to love. It taught us the love of seeing scaly-skinned puppets terrorize a small town, and it taught us to laugh. Am I exaggerating? Possibly, but one thing I can’t deny is that I’ve never seen this video before….

And come to think of it, you probably haven’t either. Called “Gremlins: Behind The Scenes,” it’s vintage 80s, but who created it and why? 1984 was long before the era of the DVD extra, so what’s the story with this video less than 7 minutes long?

I’ll let you ponder those after getting through this breezy behind the scenes look at Gremlins including interviews with director Joe Dante, producer Steven Spielberg and stars Zach Galligan and Phoebe Cates. (Whatever happened to those two anyway?) There’s also a rather reveling look at Dante shooting the opening scene of the movie, and a couple of glimpses of the Gremlin creature shop.

So do you need a study/work break? Check out the completely SFW video below:

Gremlins – Behind The Scenes by eduardojapan

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