Despite the drop in ratings since its premiere, it seems that Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has pulled solid enough numbers to get picked up for a full season! Even with the ratings decline, it’s still the top rated new show this season among adults 18-49, which is nothing to look down on. So, we’ve now got 19 episodes to look forward to, and with how this past Tuesday’s episode turned out, this is great news.

We also can confirm that, for each of those 19 episodes, you can look forward to more of those after-credits scenes that Marvel has made so popular. We’ve only gotten two so far, as the pilot didn’t have one, but what we’ve seen so far has lived up to the hype. Sure, it’s just a ploy by the network to get viewers to stick around through the commercials to see the ending, but they’ve been worth it so far. In an interview with, writer Jeffrey Bell confirmed that the after-credit scenes will be sticking around.

Part of our storytelling on this show is going to be a tag every week. We need people to know about that. The show ends, the S.H.I.E.L.D. eagle comes up, there are nine hours of commercials because it’s TV, and then before we go to the next show, we’re almost always going to have another minute, minute and a half of something, and those will be different from week to week.

One of the things we want people to know is, “Stick around for the tag.” Having a special one like we did early is also to tell you, “Pay attention to that.” I know when “Iron Man” did that after all the credits, a lot of the people left and didn’t know they should have stayed. Now you watch a Marvel movie, and everybody stays until the end. We’re going to be doing that, and we want people to know. Sometimes it’ll be funny, sometimes it’ll be a mythology thing, sometimes it’ll be a self-contained thing, or an extra little reveal about something that was in the episode.

So, there you have it folks. If you haven’t already learned from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, make sure you make a mental note to not touch the dial so that you don’t miss awesome cameos or other little hints as to where the show might be headed.

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