Tired of all the sunshine and smiles from playing Mario Cart? Are you ready to get down and dirty with Mario and Luigi? Divergent screenwriter Evan Daugherty is right there with you. He’s put together a creative team and done just that. Check out the first two videos of his The Four Players series.

Daugherty and Maker Studios  have teamed up and produced four videos, The Fixer (Brian Gonzales as The Fixer – Mario), The Addict (Jonathan Brooks as The Addict -Luigi), The Star (Princess Peach) and The Soldier (Toad). You can check out the first two below, the rest should be online Friday.

The Fixer:

The Addict:

What did you think? I like the vibe the characters are bringing to the screen. The production values are pretty damn high, the music, the scripting, it all mashes together quite well.

Not sure I would want to see a whole movie in this style, but the shorts are terrific.

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