We’ve known for a while now that AMC plans to take the last decent show they have left and spin it off into a second TV show so that Robert Kirkman can buy a house boat fans will see more of the zombie apocalypse. A second Walking Dead TV series? About what? How different could it be from the current one? Well by the sounds of it, it might be taking the prequel route.

TV Line has unconfirmed information that Executive Producers Gale Anne Hurd and David Alpert throwing around the idea of making the TV show take place in the early days, when the living outnumber the dead, and the attempts to contain the zombie apocalypse. Citing ‘increasing buzz,’ TV Line says the show could chronicle the start of the mysterious zombie making mcguffin that the current show abandoned exploring at the end of the first season. While AMC has declined to comment on the rumors, this would fit what Kirkman originally said about the show, that it would show us different locations and focus on an entirely new group of characters. That it would ‘create a new corner of The Walking Dead universe’ and that it wouldn’t be ‘tethered by the events of the comic book.

So, would you watch it?

Personally, I like the thought  of it being a prequel. When this was announced a few weeks back I was washed over with dread that the show would just end up being a poor copy of the current one, with just another group of survivors standing around talking about thier feels while zombies may or may not be near by. One minor fault I see in this prequel plan is that it does set a definite time frame for this TV show. Rick was only in a coma for so long, the ‘early days’ of the Walking Dead can’t stretch on for five seasons.

Source: TV Line

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