Saw screenwriters Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan have pitched a cinematic adaptation of Alvin Schwartz‘s popular series of children’s horror tale collections: Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark to CBS Films, who have decided to green light the project. 

Sean Daniel and Jason Brown of Sean Daniel Company and Elizabeth Grave of 1212 Entertainment will produce, Roberto Grande and Joshua Long will be the executive producers–VP Mark Ross and Creative Executive Alex Ginno will oversee the project for CBS Films.

The books, which are adaptations of popular tales from folklore and urban legend, and especially well known for their illustrations by Stephen Gammell (like the one above) will be adapted into a screenplay based on a few of the featured short stories. The film’s plot will reportedly involve a group of misfit kids who must face their fears to save their town from living nightmares…

Sounds kinda Stephen King-esque to me–why not just stick to the format of the books? Make an anthology flick in the tradition of Tales From The Dark Side: The Movie or Creepshow–it’s been far too long since we had one of those.

The Scary Stories book series began in 1981 with Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark, followed by More Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark in 1984, and Scary Stories 3: More Tales To Chill Your Bones in 1991. While I’m a bit iffy about the idea of two torture porn scribes penning a flick based on childrens’ books, Melton and Dunstan DID also recently assist in writing Pacific Rim. They will also be penning  Stuff of Legend for Disney, Outliers for Fox and Universal’s God of War.

So maybe they’ll be able to do the books justice–we’ll see when we have a director and a cast to mull over.

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