Got any plans for 2014? How about a wedding? Well, Marvel’s sent out the invitations, but something tells me you won’t want to stick around for the reception because things might get a little messy. As in a bloody mess! But why would Marvel Comics invite us to a wedding day massacre? Two words: red wedding. If Game of Thrones can do it, then so can Marvel.

Newsarama received the invitation this morning, telling them (teasing them) to save the date of April 2014. That’s about two years out from Marvel’s last big wedding, the marriage of Northstar and his boyfriend Kyle in the pages of Astonishing X-Men, but given the art below it seems unlikely this upcoming wedding will be solely a celebration of love and the changing of the cultural paradigm.


Let’s see, we’ve got a puzzle piece featuring a lot of Marvel heroes, mostly of the cosmic variety but I do see Falcon, Beast and Iron Fist there too. There’s also some blood splatter, the words “You are cordially invited,” and the date April 2014. Actually, there isn’t much to say that this invitation is for a wedding at all. We may associate the words “You are cordially invited,” to weddings, but Marvel may be inviting us to an execution for all we know.

What do you Bastards think, is this a wedding? Is it a red wedding? Is it a birthday party? Is it a funeral? Spin your theories below.

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