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A little while back, some news hit that Kevin Smith was indeed (as many have predicted) not giving up the role of director just yet. Now, it seems as if he’ll be taking the middle ground between filmmaker and retired personality by producing a stage musical. Read on for more Smithy goodness.

The film he was looking to make, Helena Handbag, follows the tale of a giant Jesus coming back to Earth and human beings having to team up with Satan to defeat him. But apparently the thing looked like a budgeting nightmare for Smith, who’s not exactly on Hollywood’s go-to list for billion-dollar flicks. Or, to put it in his own words:

I got about 20 pages in when I realized there was no way to write this inexpensively as a feature film. Everything was requiring too many effects that I could never achieve using in-camera tricks like forced perspective. It was starting to feel like a pricier project than I know I’d ever be able to find money to make. And then I remembered this is a SModcast Picture. What do we do on SModcast sometimes? We sing. We make up stupid songs. And my favorite piece of art ever produced by human hands is the glorious BOOK OF MORMON. So… I started reshaping the HELENA HANDBAG script as a piece of SMusical theater, with BOOK OF MORMON as my spirit animal. And holy shit… does THIS feel right! After making up all those goofy tunes on EDUMACATION and PLUS ONE, not to mention the FAT MAN ON BATMAN theme song, this feels like a logical progression. And it’ll be fun (and way easier) to stage in a theater! I’m a marginally-straight 43 year old fat man who has always loved show tunes: I guess I’d better finally try writing a musical.

Giant Jesus vs. the armies of Satan. Sounds legit enough for me. What say you Nerd Readers? Is the kind of musical that you’d rush out to pay money for? Or is Smith just too bored for his own good?


Thanks to Topless Robot for the heads-up.

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