penny dreadful

You may have already heard of the horror series that Showtime is putting together called Penny Dreadful.  For those that haven’t, it’s being headed by Sam Mendes and John Logan, the team that put the latest Bond flick, Skyfall together and it will feature a different look at the classic monsters of literature and film.  Well, now Showtime has seen fit to release the first trailer for the new series.  Check it out below and see what you think.

Well, I think I’ll have to see more of this before I’ve made any decision, but at least it doesn’t look bad. Plus, the cast and crew involved inspire a fair bit of confidence in me. What do the Nerd Readers think? Eager to see what Mendes and Logan have put together?

Check out Penny Dreadful when it airs on May 11th.


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