As if it weren’t already the era of the nerd, yesterday AskMen.com revealed their list of the Top 99 Most Desirable Women–and guess what? The list is littered with actresses who’ve played our favorite heroines of science fiction and fantasy. Let’s review some of the choices that clearly catered to the nerd vote:

Starting with the best, the winner, the number one most desirable woman (as voted by those who frequent AskMen.com): Daenerys Stormborn of House Targaryen, Queen of the Andals and the First Men, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Breaker of Chains, and Mother of Dragons – Emilia Clarke!


And I couldn’t agree more! Not only is Daenerys a fearsome force on Game of Thrones, but Clarke had to step into the role after the original choice was recast after the pilot. Clarke came in and absolutely owned the role, skyrocketing into the public’s conscious and our hearts (Oh, moon of my life…). Also, it surely didn’t hurt the voting that Thrones has a reputation for featuring their actors’ in all their glory… if you’re catching my drift.

Coming in second is an actress who actually hasn’t landed a role in any genre work as far as I’m aware, but there’s no doubting she’s high on any nerd’s radar. The adorable yet forceful Annie Edison of Greendale Community College–Alison Brie!


Skipping number three (it’s that chick from the “Blurred Lines” video) voted in at number four is Hollywood’s most bankable star. Left and right she’s breaking down barriers in genre films and proving woman can lead million dollar earning blockbusters. It’s the tribute from District 12, winner of the 74th Hunger Games, Katniss Everdeen–Jennifer Lawrence!


Rounding out the top five is truly the brightest witch of her age (even if that age was for a long time under 18 and therefor off limits to our oggling). She’s the best student Hogwarts has ever seen and totes should have chosen Harry over Ron, it’s Hermione Granger–Emma Watson!


Other nerdy, notable mentions: #8 Amy Adams a.k.a. Lois Lane, #12 Kat Denning a.k.a. Darcy Lewis, #14 Olivia Wilde a.k.a. Quorra, #16 Scarlet Johannson a.k.a. Black Widow, #21 Cate Blanchet a.k.a. Galadriel, #24 Elizabeth Olsen a.k.a. Scarlet Witch, #28 Emma Stone a.k.a. Gwen Stacy, #29 Cobie Smulders a.k.a. Maria Hill, #39 Gal Gadot a.k.a. Wonder Woman, #43 Oona Chaplin a.k.a. Talisa Stark, #61 Rose Leslie a.k.a. Ygritte, #65 Lauren Cohan a.k.a. Maggie Greene, #75 Zoe Saldana a.k.a. Uhura, #84 Elizabeth Banks a.k.a. Effie Trinket.

What do you think of AskMen.com’s list? Find it interesting so many of their chosen desirable women also play roles in science fiction and fantasy? Who wasn’t included that you consider a major oversight?

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