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Very few names are actually set in stone for the new Star Wars: Episode VII, though there certainly have been more than a few rumored names (that’s for damn sure). Now another up-and-coming name is filtering through the tubes of the Internetz. And this one happens to be Oscar winner Lupita Nyong’o.

You may know her from 12 Years a Slave or possibly from watching her win an Oscar for 12 Years a Slave (if you haven’t rightly seen the movie). According to the almighty rumormill (AKA Latino Review), she’s been in talks with Disney, J.J. Abrams and the rest of the Star Wars happy-gang to take on a role in the new flick.

Of course, even if the rumor is true she hasn’t signed yet, so whether we’ll actually see her in Abrams’ Star Wars incarnation is another story entirely. And, naturally, there’s no word on what role she was supposedly reading for, though even less likely rumors are suggesting she’ll end up as a Sith.

Now all we get to do (once again) is wait around for someone with an official title to confirm or deny this. Or to deny it and then later confirm it, if they feel like being a dick. Or we can all just close our eyes and ears until December 18th, 2015 arrives and we get to watch the damn movie.


Thanks to Latino Review for the latest rumor.

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