The interweb denizens over at Hip Plasma Shedders (Bleeding Cool) have heard the winds whisper, and those winds (aka sources) are saying that the Fantastic Four reboot that FOX was planning may be in a state of distress with director Josh Trank on his way out the door and Simon Kinberg’s script on the way to the paper shredder. To make matters worse, the cast — which seemed set in stone weeks ago — may also be in flux, meaning that you might have blown a blood vessel over Kate Mara’s diminutive stature or peppered your anti-Michael B. Jordan rants with assurances that you aren’t a racist for no reason at all.

Shocked, bewildered, dismayed, lost up in a fog of eroticism? I am all of these things as well, but we will persevere, and besides: it’s just an internet rumor.

garret 1

What’s more, it’s an internet rumor that has been quickly refuted thanks to the people over at Slash Film, whose own sources say that this rumor is “not true”.

As for twitter chatterbox and once un-refuted Fantastic Four director Josh Trank? Well, his twitter has shuffled off this mortal coil, and we don’t know how to find him on LinkedIn, so… I guess we’re going to play a waiting game here to find out, but for now, it seems as if there is nothing to report. Save for what we just reported, even though there really isn’t much here. You understand that websites make money off of traffic and clicks, right?

Update: According to Bleeding Cool, Screen Crush has “high level” sources that say nay, but then Bleeding Cool was all like, “Bleeding Cool suggests that if Fox really would like to stomp on the rumour, they stop approaching folk to replace the director.”

Update 2: Our sources tell us “Sycamore takes the rabbit, but the rabbit don’t stay on the scratchers path. Who rides the porcupine to the menace of splendor and the detriment of grace? I say the lion with the lavender smell and the turquoise sweater, but the maypole will come spilling out if the priest named David tells succulent stories about the spider king. THICKNESS!!!”

Our source is a weird motherfucker, but we trust him like I don’t even know what else. #Journalisming!

This is where the words go that urge you to comment.

garret 2

Source: Bleeding Cool, Slash Film, Twitter


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