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ABOVE: That time Madonna dressed  up as Daenerys Targaryen. The singer donned the ‘Mother of Dragons’ costume in celebration of the Jewish festival Purim, for which observers dress up. She looks really good here compared to some of her more recent outings. [Digital Spy]


These are the $90 Batman and Robin best friend necklaces made by Etsy seller VisionQuest. Cool, but who would want the Robin half, and isn’t $90 a lot of money for .30 cents worth of material? [Geekologie]


Demme Darth Maul cosplay by Laurie Foster. Hoth hath no fury like a Zabrak scorned.  [Geek X Girls]


Transforming Hulk toy smashes out his cage. As you add water, Hulk grows to full size (over five days) and busts through the container. . I’d add mountain dew instead of water, you know, just so I can stay authentic to depiction of gamma rays.  [ThinkGeek]

Screen Shot 2014-03-16 at 8.18.21 PM

Awesome Batman sleeve tattoo. Where does he get that wonderful ink? [Neatorama]


Prop maker Steven K. Smith has designed an absolutely stunning Level 3 suit from Dead Space. [Geeks are Sexy]


The group OneLug has constructed a 7-foot tall version of this iconic fictional tower. It is the centerpiece of their display entitled “Last March of the Ents.” The base of the display features a massive battle and covers an 8-foot diameter circular space. The group estimates at least 22,000 pieces were used in its construction. These guys must be tough, walking around on LEGO in bare feet.  [GAS]

Acrobatic archers show the super hero antics of  Arrow aren’t too far fetched. [Kotaku]

Sorry Idina Kazeem, this Impersonator singing “Let it Go” in 21 different Disney voices has got you beat.  [Dorkly]

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