While a look back at what got us to where we are now is always nice, us fans know the story. From RDJ being cast as Tony Stark in an unlikely hero in Iron Man, all the way to the assembling of The Avengers, it’s been quite a trip, but we’re more interested in what’s ahead. After recapping Marvel’s Phase One, we take a look at the rest of Phase Two, and what lies ahead.

We’re first treated to a look at the soon to premiere Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Unfortunately, if you’ve been keeping up on the film, you’ve already seen just about all of what’s shown here.

Next, we take a look at Marvel’s outcast, Guardians of the Galaxy, and biggest sequel in superhero movie history, The Avengers: Age of Ultron.

For Guardians, they really haven’t had a whole lot of new content, aside from a lot of behind the scene shots of footage we’ve already seen in the trailer. Honestly, I was hoping to see more here, but this movie looks awesome, so I was happy hear the cast and crew tell us a bit more about it.


Where we really get some never-before-seen content is when Age of Ultron is discussed. We see some Concept Art featuring a team up of The Hulk and Black Widow, and the costumes for both Quicksilver and Scarlett Witch. As you can see below, they look awesome (and leaps ahead of the DOFP Quicksilver costume). Joss Whedon comments on the two new additions and how they’ll be joining the crew, saying, clarifying that the twins and The Avengers “haven’t always been the bestest of friends.”




Even better than that, though, is that we now know what scene they were filming that first week in South Africa: The Hulk vs. Iron Man’s Hulkbuster! With Banner and Stark being the best of buds last we saw, it’s peculiar that we’d see them battling in the streets. It’s not like they’d risk innocent lives, just for the sake of a sparring match, would they? Has The Hulk become an enemy of the team by the time Age of Ultron rolls around?


In true Marvel fashion, they saved the best for the end. For the first time (if you haven’t seen the leaked footage of it), we are shown Ant-Man! They never mentioned the superhero by name, but the clip spoke for itself. It was already clear that we could expect huge things from this new Marvel franchise, but seeing it in action really drove the idea home.


So, what did you think of the Marvel: Assembling a Universe documentary special? Which Marvel film project are you most excited about? Let us know!


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