You don’t have to be a fan of super heroes to appreciate this first person perspective of Superman soaring through the sky. A typical day for Superman as seen by the eyes of a Go-Pro camera. It’s just as senselessly cool and exhilarating as it sounds.

The clip (made by CorridorDigital) starts with Superman putting the camera on, checking the owner’s address and taking off, stopping along the way to fight bad guys and save a woman… who I’m fairly sure was committing insurance fraud.

Filmed with a drone that was flying over the city, some after effects and that’s it. Amazing. This is a really good video, although I cant help but think that Superman wouldn’t have left a building to burn just because no one was in it, he could easily have blow out the flames or even used ice breath. A simple clap could have removed most the flames.

This reminds me how much we need a first person RPG  Superman game! Imagine playing as Superman in this style. Someone, get on this stat.

Next request, Flash finds a GoPro.

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